$15 won!

Today is a historic day in Minneapolis! The City Council just passed a $15 minimum wage!

When workers first started fighting for $15 years ago, we were told it was impossible: that $15 was too high, that there was no political support. But workers kept pushing anyway: marching, rallying, calling council members, collecting 20,000 signatures to go on the ballot when it became clear the City Council wouldn't pass it otherwise, fighting for the ballot measure in the Minnesota Supreme Court, and stopping corporate lobbyists' efforts at the legislature to preempt cities' rights to raise the minimum wage.

One year ago yesterday, delivering petition signatures for our $15 minimum wage ballot initiative.

Despite all the obstacles, workers built an unstoppable movement. And now, 71,000 Minneapolis workers are getting a raise, primarily Black and Latinx -- a momentous step toward closing our racial and economic disparities.

THANK YOU for everything you've done to get us to this historic moment.

When we fight, we win.


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