Help us make 2015 even bigger!

It’s been an incredible year in the fight for racial and economic justice at NOC--and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Here are some of the things your support helped us accomplish this year:

  • Stopping the expansion of the HERC incinerator, which blows air pollutants onto North Minneapolis and the Phillips neighborhood
  • Increasing the minimum wage to $9.50, indexed to inflation, impacting nearly 500,000 Minnesota workers
  • Expanding protections for women in the workforce through the Women’s Economic Security Act
  • Organizing fast food workers fighting for fair working conditions
  • Winning the right to garden in the vacant lot behind our office, growing healthy vegetables for our community
  • Securing 150 new bus shelters, many in racially concentrated areas of poverty
  • Marching alongside 400,000 people for the biggest climate march in history
  • Getting out the vote in North Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park; though turnout was down statewide 5.5%, in our neighborhoods the number of voters increased by 7%
  • Changing the conversation about race, media, and the police nationwide through our successful backlash against KSTP’s #pointergate story
  • Restoring equity cuts to the City Council’s budget, making sure the Clean Energy Partnership and One Minneapolis Fund are fully funded.

As we round the corner to 2015, it's clear that we are entering a new phase of the civil rights movement. We've got big plans for 2015 to organize our community to channel our outrage over racial injustice into policy change--including more rights for workers, restoring voting rights to felons, and policy changes to curb police abuses. To do that, we'll need your support. You can make a one-time contribution here or become a sustaining member here.

Thanks so much for all the ways you support us. Check out some photos of our year in review below.

We set the tone for equity on Day 1 of the new administration in City Hall:


We organized transit riders and heard their stories about the changes they want to see in the transit system, including better bus stops. Metro Transit has since agreed to install 150 new bus stops in racially concentrated areas of poverty like North Minneapolis.



We filled the Capitol to testify about the need to raise the minimum wage. The minimum wage increase, indexed to inflation, passed in May.


Our members taught neighborhood children to garden in the lot behind our office this summer. Although the city threatened to uproot the garden, they later negotiated a solution that will allow us to lease the lot for next year.


We began organizing fast food workers who are fighting to improve their working conditions--and we're excited to build on this next year!


We pledged over 17,000 people to vote, including at Minneapolis' first Ferguson solidarity rally.


We rallied outside Cub Foods after Wintana and Navell were unjustly arrested for trespassing. The city and Cub Foods later dropped the charges.

Cub Foods

We marched with 400,000 people for climate justice at the People's Climate March in New York!


Getting out the vote on Election Day! Although statewide turnout was down 5.5%, in our neighborhoods the number of voters was up by 7%! 


Right after the election, we made national news with our response to KSTP's racist story about our field organizer Navell Gordon:

350 people came to our meeting about policing--ready to organize for solutions!


We packed City Hall to demand they restore budget cuts to racial equity and clean energy programs. Full funding was restored to the Clean Energy Partnership and the One Minneapolis Fund. 


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