Board of Directors: Open Applications Accepted Now

NOC is proud to announce our 1st ever open application process for those interested in joining the Board of Directors! The Board serves as a governing link between our membership base and the staff leadership. The Board meets monthly to review current campaigns, review financials and provide general support, oversight and accountability for the organization. All new applicants must have their names submitted for review by April 12th. The following are required conditions for board consideration:

1) Must be a dues paying member since January 1, 2013. Minimum monthly dues are $10 per month and dues must be current by the time of slate selection on April 20th. 
2) Must have participated in an existing NOC committee (education, housing, fundraising etc...) or have been active with NOC on a previous campaign.
3) Agree to attend all monthly Board meetings.
4) Agree to be an active participant in ongoing community work. New applicants will be asked to complete a commitment form, detailing a plan an individual plan to help grow the organization.
5) All new applicants must submit a name and short biography to our Executive Director, Anthony Newby, by April 20, 2013. All new applicants will be interviewed by a current NOC board member for final slate consideration. Email all applicant info to 

Thanks for considering and see you in the streets!

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