NOC the Caucus 2017

Minneapolis precinct caucuses are Tuesday, April 4, at 7 pm sharp (we recommend showing up at 6:30).

Together, we will #NOCtheCaucus!

The caucus is our chance to choose candidates for mayor and city council to build the boldly progressive city we need, on everything from a $15 minimum wage to public safety beyond policing. As our communities are under attack nationwide, we must build power in new and unprecedented ways to not just resist, but to fearlessly build the future we deserve. Through the caucus process, we can transform our city.

What's a caucus?


A caucus is the first step in Minnesota's political process that political parties use to endorse candidates for public office, determine a slate of issues of importance, and bring democracy to action!

The Minneapolis caucuses in 2017 are a chance to create a truly progressive city council.

Why should I caucus?

Because the caucus is an important step in claiming power in democracy.


We know that change starts at the local level, and the Minneapolis City Council makes important decisions that impact our lives from a $15 minimum wage to funding for the police. This is how we decide who will represent us on the City Council -- and whether our current representatives should keep their jobs. It's simple but it's true: just showing up can change the future of our city.

Who can caucus?


You don't need to be registered to vote or bring any legal papers. As long as you will be at least 18 and eligible to vote by November 7, you can caucus! Make sure to caucus in your home precinct. You can find it on the map at the bottom of this page.

What's a delegate?


A delegate goes on to the convention where endorsements are decided. Become a delegate to help make sure your candidate is chosen -- or elect delegates who will represent you!

Can I go to caucus training?

Yes! We have trainings between now and April 4. You can sign up at

I want to help turn out people to caucus!

Awesome! Thanks for your help. More volunteers lead to more participation, and a more progressive City Council! You can sign up to volunteer here

Did NOC endorse anyone?

Yes! We've endorsed Jeremiah Ellison in Ward 5. That's north Minneapolis south of Lowry. You can see our endorsement, video of our north Minneapolis candidate forum, and responses to candidate questionnaires in Wards 4 and 5 at Don't know your ward? Check it here -- or check out the map below.


What's a walking subcaucus?

The key thing to remember about walking subcaucuses: don't be intimidated. It's just a way to break into groups to make sure each candidate gets fair representation at the endorsement convention.


Where do I caucus?

Check the map below to find your caucus location!

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