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 Minnesota’s Precinct Caucuses are Tuesday, March 1 at 7 p.m.

Together, we will #NOCtheCaucus!

What's a Caucus?


A Caucus is the first step in Minnesota's political process that political parties use to endorse candidates for public office, determine a slate of issues of importance, and bring democracy to action!

Join the movement of NOC community leaders that will take power in 2016 with Minnesota’s Precinct Caucus process -- the kick off to our political season.

Why Should I Caucus?

Because the caucus is an important step in claiming power in democracy.


Who Can Caucus?


How Do I Caucus?


For more detail, you can attend one of our trainings (see below). 

Where Do I Caucus?



For the DFL and GOP:

For the Green Party: 

For the Independence Party: 

For the Libertarian Party: 

Can I vote absentee?



Can I bring a resolution?

Yes! Resolutions are a way to influence your party's platform. We've got a set of resolutions called the People's Platform--check them out and consider bringing them to your caucus! 




 I still have questions!

Check out this video:

More questions:

Please contact Caucus Organizer, Nicque Mabrey,, or at (612) 323-1503.

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  • commented 2016-02-25 08:59:44 -0600
    Does MNNOC have a slate of issues/resolutions for people to support at the caucuses? Thank you!

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