NOC endorses Jeremiah Ellison for Ward 5

NOC is proud to endorse Jeremiah Ellison for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 5.

Jeremiah Ellison

As Jeremiah describes his vision: “For me, dreaming is a political orientation.” Jeremiah’s political orientation to dreaming means he operates with a sense of joyful and open-hearted possibility. His calling as an artist has carried into his campaign for office, bringing neighbors together to co-create his platform and campaign the same way he brings people together to create murals. Born and raised on the Northside, he is deeply rooted in the strength, survival, and dreams of our community.

For more than a decade, the city council members of north Minneapolis have talked about our community and our neighborhoods as though the constituents themselves are the source of our deep rooted structural problems. Jeremiah draws on our community’s strengths. He knows that we have a strong community vitality and a bond that many people don’t see. And his approach to framing our community from a place of strength asset mapping puts power back into the community. Jeremiah knows that many of the problems in north Minneapolis don’t start in north Minneapolis -- that we need systemic transformations on issues like living wages, affordable housing, and alternative public safety models to create a city that works for all of us. Unlike the current council member, he unapologetically embraces community based solutions, like a $15 minimum wage with no tip penalty and public safety models beyond policing. Jeremiah sees more than problems in our community. He sees possibility. He dares to imagine what a city could look like when we put the needs of our most marginalized community members first, and imagine the kind of policy solutions and community engagement that could make Ward 5 more vibrant and creative than ever.

Jeremiah’s ideas are both well thought out and aspirational. He has a clear and thorough understanding of the political process, and is committed to building access to democracy for everyone in the community. He’s dedicated to a robust community dialogue and he doesn’t settle even for bold ideas -- he presses to do more. His creative approach to problem-solving as an artist would be refreshingly welcome on the City Council and could help generate the creative solutions our city needs. Jeremiah’s vision is not about himself -- it’s about co-creating solutions for everyone in the community. We’re proud to offer NOC’s endorsement for his campaign for city council in 2017.

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