Join NOC's Youth Vote Campaign This Summer!

Hello all,

My name is Dua Saleh, and I am a new Wellstone Fellow here at Neighborhoods Organizing for Change.  I'm here because I have a passion for youth organizing, and because I have seen the powerful difference that voting, voting rights, and civic engagement can make in our communities.

This week, NOC is launching a new youth civic engagement initiative in an effort to get more youth involved in the electoral process - - and we need you to join us!  We are going full-out to build youth leadership and political power in communities of color, so that all of us can grow and thrive. 

Too many times, folks show up and ask for a vote without making a real commitment to our needs.  I'm here because I want that to change.  I believe that when use our art, our culture, our traditions, and our youth to organize together, we can change what's possible. 

I'm looking for folks who are interested in volunteering, tabling, canvassing, promoting, or contributing an artistic element to the Youth Vote campaign this summer.  We are  also looking for young community organizers of color who are interested in holding leadership positions in this campaign. For more information, please sign up here or contact me directly at or at 612-703-6475.

Thank you so much for all that you do,



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