Minneapolis to Standing Rock

The world is watching our neighboring state of North Dakota as water protectors from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, joined by First Nations and allies from around the country, defy militarized police and the Dakota Access Pipeline to defend their only source of drinking water. 

Images we've seen of the militarized attack on prayerful, peaceful indigenous water protectors and allies could have happened in 1716, 1816, or 1916 -- but it's happening in 2016. This is a critical movement moment for Native sovereignty and environmental justice. Water protectors have put out a call for more people to join their resistance this week as police and sheriffs continue to escalate, and we're answering the call.

Hennepin County at Standing Rock

We're partnering with our friends at MN350 to send folks to Standing Rock this week to stand in solidarity with the water protectors. We're committing resources toward transportation costs for folks interested in traveling to Standing Rock. We'll be sending a bus that leaves Wednesday morning and will return on Sunday. Tickets are pay-what-you-can.

Can you join the water protectors this week at Standing Rock?

The Dakota Access Pipeline has become one of the defining environmental justice issues of our time -- and this is the single most important way to stand in solidarity. We stand with the water protectors -- and we invite you to join us.

Register here to join the bus to Standing Rock.

If you have more questions about how you can support folks in Standing Rock, please email our environmental justice organizer, Janiece Watts, at janiece@mnnoc.org.

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