Stop Redlining in Communities of Color

Earlier this week Wells Fargo held its shareholder meeting in San Antonio, Texas. As an act of solidarity, NOC members brought petitions to a downtown Minneapolis branch, calling for Wells Fargo to stop its local Redlining practices. Housing unstable NOC members brought nearly 6,000 petition signatures to a downtown Minneapolis Wells Fargo branch - but staffers refused to accept the petitions or to speak with NOC members.
"Why is Wells Fargo refusing dialogue with African-American organizers?" said Caleb Murphy. "We're just asking them to listen to our concerns. Slamming doors in our faces proves that they're not willing to listen, let alone work with our communities.
Meanwhile in San Antonio, ISAIAH organizer Mike Davis was denied entrance to the shareholders' meeting for forty minutes--despite having the identical Wells Fargo share credentials as other organizers in his delegation. It appears that African Americans are also denied entry into Wells Fargo public meetings.
A recent Twin Cities report by the Institute of Metropolitan Stability showed that Wells Fargo is disproportionately denying new and refinanced loans to racially diverse communities and communities of color in Minneapolis. NOC and partners Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, ISAIAH, and the Home Defenders League are calling on the city of Minneapolis to sue Wells Fargo to restore wealth to our local communities.

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