Tracking Foreclosures Where You Live

KSTP.  February 19, 2012


She then enlisted the aid of people like Anthony Newby with the organization Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. "Monique's not asking for a handout," he said. "She's not asking for anything for free. She's asking for a good faith negotiation from the banks. Not only does she have one job, she has two jobs. There should be a way that the bank can work with her to come up with the reasonable payment that's in keeping with what the home is actually worth."

But instead, White's home was auctioned off by her bank last fall, to another financial institution. It sold for less than $80,000. Her belongings are packed. She's awaiting an eviction.

"It terrifies me to know that at any given moment I can be put out of my house with nowhere to go," she said.

White lives in zip code 55411, an area devastated by more than 4,900 foreclosures in the last six years. That's nearly 49 percent of the 10,002 homes in the zip code. Nearly one out of two.

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