Twins outsourcing concessions jobs instead of hiring last year's temp workers

Last year, the Twins made headlines when we discovered they were paying temp workers below minimum wage and not paying them for the hours they required them to stand in line. This year, instead of hiring last year's temp workers, they're busing in workers from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Green Bay.

Why would the Twins need to ship in workers from out of state when they had lines of Black folks in the basement hoping to work for them last year?

Hennepin County taxpayers did not spend $350 million on the Twins stadium to ship jobs out of state. It's time for them to hire locally -- starting in the communities that most need jobs. The Black unemployment rate in Minnesota is 13.6%.

Last year, we found evidence of a two-tiered economy at Target Field, a whole underclass of Black workers getting paid less, having irregular schedules, and subject to rampant wage theft. This year, the Twins have the opportunity to bridge that divide by prioritizing hiring last year's temp workers, and working with them to address the outstanding need for back pay. We hope to work with the Twins to find a solution.

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