Safety Beyond Policing Wins in the Minneapolis Budget

Last Wednesday night, community members filled both Minneapolis and St. Paul City Halls to demand police accountability and safety beyond policing. At the same time St. Paul residents successfully pressured their City Council to remove police from the civilian review board, in Minneapolis we successfully secured $1.5 million for safety beyond policing strategies in next year's budget. Though $2 million to hire additional police also passed in the budget, we were able to lay the groundwork for alternate community safety strategies in Minneapolis.

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Dozens of NOC members testified for alternate community safety measures and against additional spending for police.

Safety beyond policing items proposed by Mayor Hodges that ultimately passed:

  • $185,000 in ongoing funding to the Health Department for Group Violence Intervention and Youth Violence Prevention aid and funding to community partners.
  • $261,000 in ongoing funding and more money one time to create a 3-person mental health co-responder pilot at the Minneapolis Police Department
  • $500,000 in one time funds to invest in community-directed alternative safety strategies in West Broadway and Little Earth
Safety beyond policing items proposed by council members that passed in the budget process:
  • $250,000 taken from Meet Minneapolis to fund alternative community safety strategies through the Downtown Improvement District (proposed by Goodman)
  • $67,000 taken from Fire Department and Public Health fund to fund Youth Violence Prevention through the Health Department (proposed by Bender)
  • $50,000 taken from the City Coordinator to fund Culturally Relevant Sex Trafficking Prevention Work through Health Department (proposed by Cano)
  • $100,000 taken from the Police Special Revenue Fund to fund alternative community safety strategies in Phillips West and Ventura Village (proposed by Warsame)
  • $100,000 taken from City Attorney's office to fund Hate Crimes Investigator at Civil Rights Department (proposed by Glidden)

These budget wins wouldn't have happened if it weren't for community demanding safety beyond policing in the Minneapolis budget. Thank you to everyone who came to a meeting, testified, spoke out for safety beyond policing, or contacted your council member. We'll keep building on this budget success toward community safety beyond policing in the months and years to come.

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  • commented 2017-01-18 03:29:29 -0600
    NOC and partnered group individuals have started discussions about what that change will resemble, and how we can execute it in our groups. At our last meeting, we started to lay the foundation for a superior group security display one that organizes brutality mediation, safe spaces, youth bolster, psychological wellness and recuperating, and transformative equity hones.

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