Space Arcade Slot Comprehensive Guide

Space Arcade Slot: Strategies, Tips and Tricks for Maximum Wins

In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Space Arcade Slot, a remarkable slot game developed by Nolimit City. This exploration is aimed at providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the game’s features, design elements, and gameplay. Space Arcade stands out in the crowded field of online slots, offering a unique blend of retro charm and modern gaming technology, which makes it an intriguing choice for both seasoned and novice players alike.

Nolimit City, the developer behind Space Arcade, has carved a niche for itself in the competitive arena of game development. Renowned for its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, Nolimit City has consistently delivered games that not only entertain but also engage players on multiple levels. Their focus on creating high-quality, mobile-optimized games ensures that their offerings, including Space Arcade, are accessible and enjoyable across various platforms. As we proceed, our review will provide in-depth insights into Space Arcade, highlighting why it stands out as a stellar creation from the stables of Nolimit City.

Game Overview

The Space Arcade slot, a creation of Nolimit City, made its debut in the online gaming world in September 2016. This launch marked another milestone for Nolimit City in their quest to provide engaging and innovative gaming experiences. Space Arcade is categorized under the genre of video slots, a domain that has seen exponential growth and popularity in the online casino industry. This game, in particular, has garnered attention for its unique blend of traditional gameplay and modern technological advancements.

Delving into the specifics of Space Arcade, the game presents itself with a set of intriguing specifications that contribute to its appeal. The House Advantage, an essential aspect for any slot game, stands at a competitive 3.53%. This relatively low house edge indicates a favorable return to player (RTP) ratio, making the game an attractive option for players looking for a fair chance at winning. The betting options in Space Arcade are designed to accommodate a wide range of players, from beginners to seasoned high rollers, although the exact minimum and maximum bet values are not specified in the provided information.

Game Specifications

Space Arcade is a non-progressive slot game, meaning it does not offer a progressively increasing jackpot. However, it compensates for this with a maximum win potential of 99 times the wager, which can result in substantial payouts for lucky players. The absence of a live dealer feature in this game aligns with its nature as a video slot, focusing on providing a solitary but immersive gaming experience.

Gameplay and Design

The gameplay and design of Space Arcade are a testament to Nolimit City’s prowess in creating visually appealing and engaging slot games. The aesthetic and theme of Space Arcade are particularly noteworthy, cleverly blending elements of space, fun, and arcade. This combination transports players into a realm that feels both nostalgically retro and futuristically adventurous. The game’s visual design leans towards minimalism, which is a refreshing departure from the often cluttered and overly animated interfaces of many modern slot games. The graphics are crisp, and the color palette is thoughtfully chosen to evoke the feel of outer space. The music and sound effects complement this theme, being subtle yet effectively enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Characters and Symbols

As for the characters and symbols, Space Arcade adopts an abstract approach. The game features a total of eight main symbols, each representing geometric figures. These symbols are divided into two categories: four larger figures that play a more prominent role in the game, and four smaller ones that are less significant but still contribute to the overall gameplay. The larger figures are distinguished by their distinct colors and shapes, adding an element of visual interest to the game. The smaller symbols, while playing a supporting role, are integral to the game’s design, completing the set of characters that players interact with.

The inclusion of a Wild symbol adds an extra layer of excitement to Space Arcade. This symbol, represented by a unique geometric design, stands out on the reels and plays a crucial role in the game’s special features. The design of the Wild symbol is in harmony with the game’s overall aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience.

Features and Paytable

The features and paytable of Space Arcade are key components that significantly enhance the gaming experience.

Basic Configuration:

Space Arcade is configured with a 3×3 grid, a classic setup that harkens back to the traditional slot machines. This structure houses 9 fixed paylines, offering a simplified yet engaging gameplay. The betting range in Space Arcade is designed to cater to a wide array of players, starting from as low as 0.09 units of currency and extending up to 18 units per spin. This flexibility in betting makes the game accessible to both casual players who prefer lower stakes and high rollers looking for bigger bets.

Additionally, the game features an Autospin option, which allows players to pre-set up to 99 automatic rotations. This Autospin feature can be customized further to stop when the balance or wins reach a predetermined percentage, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.

Paytable Explanation:

The paytable in Space Arcade is straightforward, ensuring easy understanding even for novice players. Wins are awarded from left to right, with the maximum payout for each symbol achieved by landing three of a kind on a payline. The most lucrative symbol in the game is a yellow geometric figure, which can yield up to 99 coins. The green and turquoise symbols offer a moderate payout of 27 coins for a set of three, while the blue symbol provides 15 coins for the same combination. The smaller geometric figures contribute to the game’s dynamics by offering payouts ranging from 3 to 4.6 coins.

Special Features:

Space Arcade comes equipped with two special features, adding layers of excitement to the base game. The first feature is a progressive multiplier, which increases the win potential with every consecutive successful spin, up to a maximum of 6 times the original win. This multiplier resets to its initial value following a non-winning spin. The second notable feature is the Winged Wild mode.

This is triggered by the appearance of a yellow diamond-shaped figure, which then grows wings and initiates free re-spins. During these re-spins, the Winged Wild moves up one position with each spin until it exits the screen. Interestingly, if a multiplier is active during the Winged Wild mode, it continues to apply, and won’t reset even if a re-spin does not result in a win.

How to Play Space Arcade

Playing Space Arcade, a captivating slot game by Nolimit City, is a straightforward and enjoyable experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to engage in this interstellar adventure:

  1. Choose a Casino: First, find an online casino that features Nolimit City games, including Space Arcade. Ensure that the casino is reputable and suits your preferences.
  2. Load the Game: Once you’ve selected a casino, navigate to the game section and load Space Arcade. The game should be compatible with various devices, offering flexibility for desktop or mobile play.
  3. Set Your Bet: Before spinning the reels, adjust your bet size to suit your budget. The bet per spin in Space Arcade can range from a minimum of 0.09 units to a maximum of 18 units. Use the game’s interface to increase or decrease your wager accordingly.
  4. Understand the Paytable: Familiarize yourself with the paytable. This will give you an idea of the worth of each symbol and what to look out for during gameplay.
  5. Spin the Reels: Once you are comfortable with your bet size and the paytable, start the game by spinning the reels. You can either do this manually for each spin or use the Autospin feature to automate spins.
  6. Monitor Your Wins and Balance: Keep an eye on your wins and your balance. The game’s interface should display your current balance and any wins after each spin.
  7. Enjoy the Special Features: If you trigger any of Space Arcade’s special features, such as the Winged Wild or the progressive multiplier, enjoy the enhanced gameplay they offer.

Information on RTP, variance and payout

Regarding the game’s RTP (Return to Player), variance, and payout, Space Arcade boasts an impressive RTP of 96.47%. This high RTP suggests that players have a good chance of receiving a significant portion of their wagers back over time. The game is characterized by low variance, indicating that wins are frequent but mostly of a lower value, making it an ideal choice for players who prefer a steadier gaming experience. As for the payout, players can potentially win up to 535 times their stake, which, considering the maximum bet of 18 units, translates to a considerable sum, especially for high-stake players.

Additional Features

Space Arcade by Nolimit City is not just a visually appealing slot game; it also boasts two innovative additional features that significantly enhance the gameplay experience: the Winged Wild mode and Increasing Multipliers. These features are not only engaging but also offer players increased chances of boosting their winnings.

Winged Wild Mode:

The Winged Wild mode is a standout feature in Space Arcade. This mode is activated when the distinctive yellow diamond-shaped symbol, the Winged Wild, appears on the reels. Once triggered, the Winged Wild symbol grows wings and initiates a series of free re-spins. During these re-spins, the Winged Wild symbol moves upward by one position with each spin until it eventually leaves the screen.

What makes the Winged Wild mode particularly exciting is its potential to substantially increase a player’s winnings. The re-spins continue as long as the Winged Wild is present on the reels, offering multiple opportunities for forming winning combinations without placing additional bets. This feature not only adds an element of excitement with its dynamic movement but also holds the promise of extended play and increased rewards.

Increasing Multipliers:

The Increasing Multipliers feature in Space Arcade is a dynamic element that enhances the potential payout with each consecutive winning spin. Here’s how it works: With every successive win, a multiplier increases, starting from 1x and potentially going up to a maximum of 6x the win. This means that if a player lands several wins in a row, the value of each consecutive win will be multiplied, potentially leading to significantly larger payouts.

However, it’s important to note that the multiplier resets to its initial value following a non-winning spin. This aspect adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, as players must weigh the potential risks and rewards with each spin.

Impact on Gameplay:

Both the Winged Wild mode and Increasing Multipliers have a profound impact on the gameplay of Space Arcade. The Winged Wild mode not only creates more opportunities for winning combinations but also adds an engaging visual element to the game. Meanwhile, the Increasing Multipliers feature keeps players on the edge of their seats as they anticipate the potential for larger wins with each successive victory.

Betting and Payouts

Space Arcade offers a range of betting options that cater to a diverse group of players. The minimum bet starts at a modest 0.09 units of currency, making the game accessible to players who prefer lower stakes. On the higher end, bets can go up to 18 units per spin, which appeals to players looking to place larger wagers. This broad betting range makes Space Arcade suitable for casual gamers as well as more serious players looking for bigger betting opportunities.

The payout potential in Space Arcade is notably attractive. The game’s design allows for frequent smaller wins, consistent with its low variance nature. This means players can expect to win smaller amounts more often, providing a steady and engaging gaming experience. However, the game also holds the possibility of larger wins, particularly through its special features like the Winged Wild mode and the Increasing Multipliers.

Maximum Win and RTP Details:

The maximum win in Space Arcade is an aspect that adds to the game’s appeal. Players have the opportunity to win up to 535 times their stake. Considering the maximum bet of 18 units, this could translate to a significant payout, making even a single spin potentially very lucrative.

Another critical aspect of Space Arcade is its Return to Player (RTP) rate. The game boasts an impressive RTP of 96.47%, which is above the industry average for online slots. A higher RTP implies that players have a better chance of winning back a larger portion of their total wagers over time. It’s an important metric for players who are mindful of the balance between entertainment and potential returns from a slot game.

Player Experience and Feedback

Personal Experiences and Observations:

Playing Space Arcade has been an immersive and enjoyable experience. One of the first aspects that stood out was the game’s sleek design and retro space theme, which effectively captures the essence of classic arcade games while incorporating modern graphical elements. The simplicity of the 3×3 grid makes it easy to follow the gameplay, which is a refreshing change in a world where slot games are becoming increasingly complex.

The betting range is wide enough to cater to various preferences, and I found it particularly appealing that the game is accessible to players with different bankroll sizes. Engaging in the game, the frequency of smaller wins was noticeable, aligning with the game’s low variance nature. This aspect of the gameplay ensures a steady and gratifying experience, especially for players who prefer consistent but smaller payouts.

The special features, namely the Winged Wild mode and Increasing Multipliers, add an exciting dimension to the game. Triggering the Winged Wild mode was a highlight, as it not only extended playtime without additional bets but also increased the chances of accumulating wins. The Increasing Multipliers feature provided a sense of anticipation with each win, keeping the gameplay dynamic and thrilling.

General Player Feedback and Ratings:

General player feedback on Space Arcade has been predominantly positive. Many players appreciate the game’s straightforward mechanics and easy-to-understand paytable, making it an excellent choice for both new and experienced slot enthusiasts. The retro arcade theme has been well-received, with players enjoying the nostalgic feel it brings.

The RTP of 96.47% has been a significant positive point in player reviews, as it suggests a fair game with reasonable return prospects over time. However, some players have expressed a desire for additional bonus features or a progressive jackpot, which could add more depth to the game.

In terms of ratings, Space Arcade has garnered respectable scores. On various gaming platforms and forums, it typically receives ratings around 3.5 out of 5, indicating a solidly enjoyable game but with room for enhancements. The high rating for uniqueness is particularly noteworthy, as it reflects the game’s successful blend of classic and modern elements.

Users Review about Space Arcade Slot

John D.: “Space Arcade is a blast from the past with a modern twist. I love the retro space theme and the simplicity of the 3×3 grid. The Winged Wild feature is a nice touch, adding some excitement to the gameplay. A solid 4/5 from me.”

Emily R.: “As a fan of Nolimit City games, Space Arcade didn’t disappoint. The high RTP of 96.47% is a major draw, and I’ve had some decent wins. It’s not overly complicated, which I appreciate. Great for a quick gaming session.”

Mark T.: “I’ve been playing Space Arcade for a few weeks now, and it’s become one of my go-to slots. The increasing multipliers can really amp up the excitement. However, I do wish there were a few more bonus features. 3.5/5.”

Sarah C.: “I usually prefer slots with more paylines, but Space Arcade has a certain charm. The graphics are neat, and the soundtrack is just right. Not the most thrilling game out there, but good for a relaxing play.”

Alex P.: “Space Arcade is a decent game, but it lacks the wow factor. Wins are frequent but small, which can be a bit frustrating if you’re hunting for big payouts. I’d rate it 3/5 – good for beginners or low rollers.”

Danielle F.: “Absolutely love the retro arcade feel of Space Arcade! It’s a straightforward game, easy to understand, and the Winged Wild mode is a fun element. It’s become a favorite when I want something uncomplicated yet entertaining.”

Ryan B.: “Not bad, but not great either. Space Arcade is a solid game with a nice design, but it’s pretty basic in terms of features. I enjoyed it for a while but found myself moving on to more complex games. A solid 3/5.”

Recommendations and Similar Games

Best Casinos to Play Space Arcade:

For those looking to enjoy Space Arcade, choosing the right casino is crucial. Based on my research and player reviews, there are a few top recommendations where you can play Space Arcade:

  1. SlotsMillion Casino: Known for its extensive collection of slots, SlotsMillion is a highly reputable online casino with positive feedback from players. It offers a secure gaming environment, licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the jurisdiction of Curacao.
  2. LeoVegas Casino: A well-known name in the online casino world, LeoVegas offers a seamless gaming experience, both on desktop and mobile platforms. They boast a vast selection of games, including Space Arcade, and are known for their reliable customer service.
  3. Casumo Casino: This casino is celebrated for its user-friendly interface and a wide array of games. Casumo provides a safe gaming environment with exciting bonus offers for new and regular players.

When choosing a casino, it’s essential to consider factors like licensing, customer support, bonus terms, and payment options to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Similar Games for Comparison:

If you enjoy Space Arcade, you might also like these similar games that offer a blend of classic and contemporary slot features:

  1. Supernova by Quickspin: This game shares the 3×3 configuration with Space Arcade and offers a unique space theme. It also features bright galaxy symbols and up to 100 free rotations, where wins can be multiplied by up to 10 times.
  2. Space Saga by Net Entertainment: Featuring a Cloning Pod mechanic, this game takes the space theme to another level. Players can enjoy re-spins and stacked icons, with a potential jackpot of 400,000 coins.
  3. Chronos Joker by Play’n GO: Although it leans more towards a fruit theme, this game offers a similar 3-reel experience with medium variance. It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy a blend of classic and modern slot mechanics.
  4. The Link by Gluck Games: This game offers a simple yet captivating 3-reel, 8-line play with a space theme. Its simplicity and high max win potential make it a good alternative to Space Arcade Slot.


As we reach the end of our exploration of Space Arcade Slot by Nolimit City, it’s clear that this game stands as a distinctive and engaging slot experience. It successfully merges the nostalgia of classic arcade games with the excitement of modern video slots. The sleek, space-themed design, combined with straightforward gameplay mechanics, makes Space Arcade Slot an accessible and enjoyable game for a broad spectrum of players.

What Players Will Like:

Players are likely to appreciate several aspects of Space Arcade Slot. Firstly, the game’s aesthetic is a significant draw, especially for those who enjoy a retro, arcade-style experience blended with modern graphics. The simplicity of the 3×3 grid and the intuitive play style appeal to both new and experienced players. The betting range, accommodating both low and high stakes, ensures that the game is accessible to a wide audience.

Furthermore, the special features, namely the Winged Wild mode and Increasing Multipliers, add layers of excitement without overcomplicating the gameplay. These features not only enhance the potential for winnings but also keep the gameplay dynamic and engaging. The high RTP of 96.47% is another attractive aspect, suggesting a fair chance of returns over extended play sessions.

Potential Drawbacks:

Despite its many positives, Space Arcade Slot may have a few drawbacks for certain players. The game’s simplicity, while a strength in many respects, might not satisfy players seeking complex bonus rounds or a variety of special features. Additionally, the lack of a progressive jackpot might be a deterrent for those who chase large, life-changing wins.

The game’s low variance means that while wins may be frequent, they are often smaller in size. This aspect might not appeal to players who prefer the thrill of larger, albeit less frequent, wins.

Final Thoughts:

In summary, Space Arcade Slot is a well-executed slot game that offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. Its combination of a retro feel, simple gameplay, and engaging features makes it a commendable addition to Nolimit City’s portfolio. While it may not cater to every preference, particularly for those seeking more complex game mechanics, it stands out as an excellent choice for players who appreciate a blend of classic and contemporary slot gaming. Space Arcade Slot, with its nostalgic charm and potential for frequent wins, is sure to provide many hours of entertainment to its players.

FAQ for Space Arcade Slot Review

  1. What is Space Arcade Slot?

    Space Arcade Slot is a video slot game developed by Nolimit City, featuring a unique space and arcade theme with a simplistic 3×3 grid layout.

  2. When was Space Arcade Slot released?

    Space Arcade Slot was released in September 2016.

  3. What is the RTP (Return to Player) of Space Arcade Slot?

    Space Arcade Slot has an RTP of 96.47%, which is above the industry average.

  4. Can I play Space Arcade Slot on mobile devices?

    Yes, Space Arcade is optimized for mobile play and can be enjoyed on various portable devices.

  5. What are the special features in Space Arcade Slot?

    The game features the Winged Wild mode and Increasing Multipliers, enhancing gameplay and winning potential.

  6. What is the maximum win in Space Arcade Slot?

    The maximum win is 535 times the stake, offering a substantial payout for lucky players.

  7. Does Space Arcade Slot have a progressive jackpot?

    No, Space Arcade Slot does not offer a progressive jackpot.

  8. Is Space Arcade Slot suitable for high rollers?

    While the game caters to a wide range of players, its betting range and low variance make it more suited to casual players than high rollers.

  9. How does the Winged Wild mode work?

    The Winged Wild mode is activated by a special symbol and triggers free re-spins, moving up one position until it leaves the screen.

  10. What is the minimum bet in Space Arcade Slot?

    The minimum bet in Space Arcade Slot is 0.09 units of currency.