#NorthsideVotes: Election Day Canvassing

NOC canvassers give

hundreds of hours to Get Out The Vote efforts on the Northside. To ensure that are voices are heard in

the voting process, dozens of volunteers fill shifts for door knocking the streets of our community.

The Get Out The Vote efforts at Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) have seen unprecedented numbers of door knocks, phone calls, and voter pledges across communities in North Minneapolis. NOC began a full fledged, all hands on deck GOTV campaign on October 31st. Here's the breakdown in five days of powerful canvassing by our leaders:

  • 2,500 doors have been knocked in 5 days
  • Over 1,000 people talked to at the doors
  • 800 Northsiders pledged to vote
  • 60 canvassing shifts filled, with 10-15 canvassers and volunteers per shift
  • Dozens of people escorted to polling locations on Election Day

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