We Raised the Wage!

Thanks to you we Raised the Wage!
NOC members were proud to be in attendance at the Capitol on Monday when Governor Dayton signed a minimum wage increase into law. The wage increase to $9.50/hour, indexed to inflation, will give a raise to 325,000 Minnesotans.
NOC played a key role in the Raise the Wage coalition this legislative session, with members testifying at the Capitol, meeting with legislators, and sharing their stories about trying to make ends meet on poverty wages. With a minimum wage of $6.15/hour, Minnesota is one of only four states to have a minimum wage below the federal rate of $7.25. The minimum wage will increase in steps over the next three years, beginning with $8.00/hour this August 1.  The increase will cover all Minnesotans, including restaurant workers and tipped workers, who have long been shut out of wage protections but who will be covered under the law.
"This is a big jump. I think it's big. I'm looking forward to seeing how it takes place and how it works. I think it's going to be a really good thing," said NOC member Akuro Imbu, who has made minimum wage working as a valet.
NOC organizer Wintana Melekin spent countless hours over the last few months working with NOC members to testify at the Capitol and meet with legislators. "People of color came to advocate for themselves at the Capitol because being paid poverty wages and doing full-time work is unacceptable," said Wintana. "The people most affected by poverty wages are people of color and single moms. This wage increase is a step toward bridging the outrageous racial divides in our state, but we will keep fighting until we have living wage jobs with dignity for everyone."
A special thanks to all the NOC members, volunteers and minimum wage workers who contributed to this win. We can't wait to build on this success and work together to improve the lives of our Minnesota families. Onward and upward!

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