A note from our executive director

I want to provide an update on the actions we’re taking to address recent allegations on social media about gender and sexual violence at NOC. Gender and sexual violence of any kind is destructive to our communities, our organizing environment and our sense of social justice. We want to reiterate that NOC does not tolerate sexual harassment or violence by our staff in or out of the office.

We at NOC have taken swift action to investigate these serious and concerning allegations. As we’ve previously said, we’re committed to an independent investigation rooted in a transformative justice model for complaints involving staff or others affiliated with NOC. This process will result in recommendations about any legal or disciplinary action, rooted in a transformative justice framework. While NOC cannot publicly discuss our internal employment decisions, we will be as transparent as possible while maintaining confidentiality where necessary.

We’re also updating our internal policies to make sure we can better address these concerns and be more responsive to the community, including:

  • A grievance policy. We’re developing more clear channels for people to express concerns and report any sexual misconduct or other activity that violates NOC’s code of conduct. We will be prioritizing this policy along with an updated code of conduct as a step toward increased accountability for staff and community members. 

  • A comprehensive evaluation of the operational and gender dynamics of the organization. We’ll be hiring an outside consultant to work with us to assess how our organization functions inside and out. This proactive process will inform our long-term work toward transformative gender justice at NOC, for our staff, members, and community.

  • Transformative community safety. In order for our community and movement to thrive, we need a radical redefinition of public safety that recognizes the complexity of our individual and collective trauma. We’re drawing from protocols from Black-led organizations around the country, and want to create a community engagement process to sharpen our collective vision for safety beyond policing, with a framing that centers and prioritizes the most marginalized members of our community.

  • A community engagement process. NOC is accountable to the communities with which we work on a daily basis. We know that the moment requires that we work closely with our base of leaders and allies to learn and grow. We’ll be hosting facilitated group discussions in the coming months with a goal of developing shared solutions and moving forward together. Look for details on the dates and times.

We’re committed to turning this moment into an opportunity for transformation -- to create a process that is transparent while maintaining confidentiality, and to chart a path toward more community accountability for our organization and for our movement spaces more broadly. Thank you for being part of our process. We’ll continue to keep you updated with next steps.


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