Introducing the NOC ally group

“It does no service to the cause of racial equality for white people to content themselves with judging themselves to be non-racist...White people must take the extra step. They must become anti-racist.” - Clarence Page

Clarence Page, the famous Chicago journalist, challenges we white people to not just intellectualize racial justice, but to embody anti-racism. To solidify our commitment to ending white supremacy, not through words (or social media) alone but through actions. To concretize our beliefs. To solidify our commitment. To risk the privileges embedded in our skin.  

Joe and friends in an action at the St. Paul Cathedral on Ash Wednesday: "Speaking up for unborn lives more than Black and brown lives is white supremacy."

Page’s words carry particular salience in the age of Trump. Ever-present white supremacy has unveiled itself in new and terrifying ways, manufacturing bold and bigoted federal policy meant to terrorize poor people and people of color.  While the rise of Trump has ushered in an era of terrifying neo-fascism, the threat of Trump’s presidency has galvanized many Americans into action.  Many white people in particular, cushioned from the effects of American xenophobia which far predates Trump, have increasingly awakened to the reality of the white supremacy so blatantly embodied by Trump and his cabinet. This new awareness has driven many white people into the streets, into leftist social and political organizations across the country, and into the NOC office! 

White silence

In the spirit of this new energy, NOC has formed a new NOC ally group! The goal of the group is be a space where white folks who are interested in plugging into NOC’s work in a regular and committed way can convene to appropriately and strategically support the organization. It is an attempt to funnel this burgeoning anti-Trump energy into a space within NOC’s structure built to facilitate allyship work. We plan to meet monthly, to continuously learn from organizers about the status of NOC’s campaigns, and to act as a rapid response volunteer group supporting the incredible work of NOC’s organizers of color.

I have been working with NOC for the past three years, assisting the Field Team and helping NOC organize in South Minneapolis.  At the beginning of this year my role has shifted to Ally Organizer, which means I will be convening and organizing the ally group’s volunteering, events, and meetings.  Working with this incredible black-led organization as a white man has been one of the most humbling and educational experiences of my life.  I am honored to work at NOC and thrilled to be organizing with the NOC ally group! I look forward to a year of joyful resistance!


If you are interested in joining the NOC ally group email, or come to our next NOC allies meeting on Wednesday 3/15 from 6pm-8pm at 2104 Stevens Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404. You can RSVP here.

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