NOC endorses Alondra Cano for Ward 9

NOC is proud to endorse Alondra Cano for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 9.


Alondra stands out as one of the strongest and most consistent voices for racial and economic justice on the Minneapolis City Council. She was one of the first council members to support a $15 minimum wage and one of only two council members to vote to put the $15 minimum wage question to voters on the ballot in 2016. Her fierce leadership has helped pave the way for the current city council to pass a $15 minimum wage policy with no tip penalty this summer.

Alondra has been a leader on the issues that matter most to her constituents, from workers’ rights to environmental justice to strong protection for immigrants and expanding sanctuary cities. She has led the way on a resolution to divest from Wells Fargo. Her sharp eye in budget negotiations alerted the community to cuts to equity programs and an initiative to fortify the 4th precinct police station in the wake of the Jamar Clark shooting.  She is rooted deeply in community and has an innate understanding of the need to incorporate constituent voices at City Hall.

Alondra’s fierce, unapologetic, and honest voice on the City Council has allowed for greater community participation in the political process. She is not afraid to call out dirty politics and has stood up for herself and our community despite a series of personal attacks on her character.  She understands the symbiotic relationship between policy and social movements, and how we must use both in tandem to build the city we deserve. In the age of Donald Trump Alondra knows that true sanctuary lies not just in city policy, but in inspiring city residents to take risks to stand up for each other -- and has worked to deliver on both.

Alondra’s questionnaire responses show the importance of applying an intersectional racial justice lens to every piece of city government. She understands that the police are too often acting as a catch-all solution to any problem, and that we need to invest in alternative public safety methods that prioritize the mental health and chemical dependency related needs of the community.

NOC members who are Ward 9 residents told us resoundingly in our caucus survey that Alondra is their choice to represent them on the City Council. We are proud to endorse her re-election as Ward 9 City Council Member.

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