Help us beat corporate money in the Minneapolis election!

Because of the power our communities have built across Minneapolis over the last four years, we've won paid sick time, a repeal of lurking and spitting laws, and a $15 minimum wage. Now, corporations are running scared that progressives will win elected office in City Hall. They've started a series of PACs, funded by downtown business interests and the Republican-led Minnesota Jobs Coalition, to pour big money into the city council elections. It's time to fight back -- and it will take all of us.

Can you help us get out the vote and beat corporate money?

NOC GOTV 2014 

The Minnesota Jobs Coalition is the same group that worked to flip the state House and Senate to Republicans in 2014 and 2016. Now they want to control Minneapolis, too. With white nationalists in the White House and Republicans controlling the state legislature, it's more important than ever for Minneapolis to lead the change our communities need to fight for racial and economic justice and protect all members of our community. And the only way to beat this corporate money is with people power.

Will you join us to help elect candidates who will stand for our communities, not corporate interests?

Thanks for your support. Together, we will win.

To Our NOC Community

To our NOC community:

The heart of our work at Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) has been about building real and lasting power for communities of color and under resourced communities in Minnesota. Whether we are building transformative movements for police accountability, workers’ rights, quality public education or any number of worthy causes, one thing has always been true about us: our communities are the core and backbone of this organization. But, these are very challenging times. Our resiliency is being tested by an emboldened right-wing, both in Washington and here at home. Our communities are under continuous attack, requiring the very best of all of us.

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Stop Trump's attack on our economy

It’s not enough for Trump and the GOP to try to destroy our health care; they want to destroy our economy too. They chose another Wall Street insider to run our economy in service of the banks, and we need to fight back!

Today is the Senate nomination hearing for “Wall Street Lawyer” Randal Quarles as the Federal Reserve vice chairman for supervision -- what many consider to be the top banking watchdog role in the country. But Quarles spent his entire career helping big banks and Wall Street firms, and profiting from bank bailouts while families struggled during the financial crisis. Instead of reining in the banks, Quarles wants to unleash their risky behavior again and tear apart Dodd-Frank protections through the backdoor if Congress doesn’t.

Call your senators now! Tell them to vote NO on Randal Quarles’ confirmation and keep greedy Wall Street insiders out of the Federal Reserve!

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