Facing foreclosure? Don't give up.
NOC foreclosure line: (612) 235-6004
NOC members want to defend your home.

After thousands of foreclosures disrupting families' lives, leaving our neighborhoods full of vacant, and draining resources from our community, it's time for this to stop. All over the Twin Cities, NOC members and allies are banding together to stand up to the banks and defend each others' homes. Facing foreclosure? We've got your back. Tired of seeing foreclosures in your neighborhood? Call to get involved.

Meet two homeowners who are standing up against unjust foreclosure evictions.

Bobby's Story: Facing Foreclosure from Peter Leeman on Vimeo.

Occupy our homes!

NOC is proud to be part of the growing national Occupy Our Homes movement, and to stand with homeowners who are ready to defend their homes against eviction.

Postpone your sheriff sale.

If you're facing foreclosure, there's a little-known law that allows you to postpone your sheriff sale by five months by filling out a simple affidavit. We'll help you fill out the form.

Take the fight to the banks.

In order to create real change, we need to keep pressure on the people who are causing this crisis. There's power in numbers, and we've been getting their attention through demonstrations and direct action. Join us and make our actions stronger!

To get involved, contact:

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