How We’re Building the Movement Against Trump in Minnesota

It’s 6:23pm on February 1st and we’re walking up the slippery steps of a house that’s unfamiliar in a part of St. Paul I’ve never been to. The house is warm, there are drinks, and there is light conversation among attendees. Laughter rings throughout the house as friends and family come together during the middle of the week.

We ground our guests in the history of resistance, and ask our audience what resistance means to them. Maggie Smith, a friend of our host that night, says for her resistance is having that difficult conversation with the family member who voted for Trump. By the end of our evening the room is abuzz with people eager to organize and assist in any way they can. “I feel like a lot of the people in that room had never really been inspired to take any kind of action, or have taken minimal action. We all walked away with a sense of purpose, direction, and inspiration,” says Maggie.

In 2017 NOC is taking a new approach to movement building. With the launch of our Resist Revolt Unite campaign, NOC is taking an active stance to protect Black and Brown communities under Trump’s fascist rule. We’re bringing conversations into the comfort of people’s homes in a setting where they otherwise wouldn’t have taken place.   

By bringing neighbors and friends together in their homes to make organizing more accessible, we can build organizing hubs throughout the state where local communities can build resistance against hateful policies; revolt by working to create the change we need, and pledging to disobey unjust laws; and unite in radical hospitality. 

We chose February 1 to launch to kick off Black History Month with 20 house parties all around the metro area -- and we've got many more planned!

You can sign up to host your own house party and build the resistance at

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  • commented 2017-02-26 19:04:14 -0600
    Loved seeing people coming together. Total strangers with a common goal Justice, freedom, tolerance, democracy.

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