Join NOC and Youth Vote at FLOW this Saturday!

Hello all,

As you have probably already heard, I have been hired recently by NOC as one of the Youth Civic Engagement Coordinators for our "NOC Out The Vote" initiative. This campaign get more people engaged in the electoral process and to provide youth with leadership positions within our network. 

One of the unique things about this initiative is the artistic foundation that it was built upon. Every event, workshop, or project that we develop has at least one artistic element to it. This allows emerging artist to be more involved in the political process and it assists NOC in reaching out to a wider demographic of people.

The next project that the youth civic engagement committee is coordinating will be happening this weekend.&nbsp;<strong><a href="">NOC is hosting an arts celebration for Flow: The Northside Art Crawl on&nbsp;Saturday, July 26th from 1pm-8pm&nbsp;at the NOC office.</a>

NOC is targeting underrepresented groups of people through this campaign and hopes to provide a voice for those who are often silenced. We have a goal of empowering constituencies and unheard communities in the electoral process. This campaign is an opportunity to build power with community members that often go ignored.

<strong><a href="">The FLOW art crawl is a change to celebrate our voices, our community, and all of the richness that our neighborhood has to offer</a>.</strong> &nbsp;Come join us for a great time!



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