NOC statement on KSTP's defense of universally mocked #pointergate story

After a week of insisting that #pointergate was not about Navell Gordon or NOC but rather about the Mayor’s judgment in being seen supposedly flashing gang signs, KSTP changed their tune tonight, and ran a story focused entirely on Gordon that told us what we already know: that Navell Gordon is a young man who has made mistakes. Despite widespread criticism, including strong censure from the Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Committee, KSTP tonight tripled down on its sensationalist reporting by snooping around the social media accounts of young black men. And the best that they could conclude from their snooping is that Mr. Gordon is still not in a gang, but does enjoy rap music. 

Neighborhoods Organizing for Change will not be deterred in our work to build organizing capacity in low income communities and communities of color. We will continue to work with men and women who have made mistakes and who are trying to make their lives right, and we will continue to urge community and elected leaders to join us in that effort.

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