Local and National Parent and Community Coalitions urge Congress to support new plan for “Turnaround” schools

Insight News.  July 30, 2010.


Coalition plan details successful, sustainable reform that will strengthen America’s schools 

Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) recently joined with Communities for Excellent Public Schools (CEPS), a new national coalition of community-based organizations composed of parents and students in low-income communities from across the country, to unveil a new comprehensive plan for successful, sustainable reform of the nation’s chronically underperforming schools and a report on schools that are eligible for federal turnaround intervention.

With the release of the coalition’s Sustainable School Transformation Plan and the report, “Our Communities Left Behind,” NOC members called for replacing the Administration’s proposals with the coalition’s research-based best practices to help transform underperforming schools in the Twin Cities.

CEPS released the plan and report on Wednesday, July 28, in Washington, DC, during an open congressional briefing with members of Congress, parents, students and education experts. NOC and CEPS are leading the charge for more parent and community involvement in the Administration’s plan for improving the country’s struggling schools.

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