A voice to be reckoned with

Jody was among a delegation of NOC members to march on the McDonald's shareholder meeting in Chicago last week with thousands of people from around the country. Here's his story:


When we arrived we were attacked right away by angry corporate people who wanted us off their property. That right there was the sign of a weariness, and that let us know we were in business.


We got together and started marching and chanting together with fellow organizations from all over as far as Philadelphia,  Detroit, New York, North Carolina and more.
We chanted loud, proud and with force. We were a voice to be reckoned with. As we marched the streets in triumph we were all filled with pride and power. We took over the streets.


The next day was the big day to approach the shareholders and that's what we did. When we woke up we marched the streets to the main steps of the shareholders and made our presence noticed.
This experience really makes me realize how serious this issue is. People deserve living wages, and corporations need to understand workers' living situations. Some people are struggling provide for their family with $8/hour. Some CEOs are making $9,000/hour. The pain and the pride I saw in some people's faces while they were marching let me know they were willing to give up everything they have to make a change for everybody. I'm ready to put my all into this fight too.


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