2017 City Council Candidate Q&A

The City Council makes important decisions about our city from a $15 minimum wage to funding for the police. In 2017, all 13 City Council seats and the mayor are up for election -- and we have an opportunity to elect candidates who will transform our city into one of the most boldly progressive in the country and win real gains for our communities. This year, NOC is making our first ever endorsements in Minneapolis city council races.

Check out completed candidate questionnaires here. We'll update this page with responses from candidates throughout the city.

Ward 1: NOC endorses Jillia Pessenda

Questionnaires from Ward 1 candidates Jillia Pessenda, Kevin Reich, and Zachary Wefel

Ward 4: Candidates Phillipe Cunningham, Stephanie Gasca, Marcus Harcus, Barb Johnson, and Phillip Murphy

Questionnaires and Video from Ward 4 forum

Ward 5: NOC endorses Jeremiah Ellison

Questionnaires and Video from Ward 5 forum: Jeremiah Ellison, Raeisha Williams, and Blong Yang

Ward 7: Candidates Janne Flisrand and Lisa Goodman

Questionnaire from Ward 7 candidates

Ward 8: Candidate Andrea Jenkins

Questionnaire from Ward 8 candidates

Ward 9: NOC endorses Alondra Cano

Questionnaire from Ward 9 candidates: Alondra Cano, Mohamed Farah, Gary Schiff

Ward 10: Candidate Lisa Bender

Questionnaire from Ward 10 candidates

Ward 11: Candidates Erica Mauter, John Quincy, and Jeremy Schroeder

Questionnaires from Ward 11 candidates

Ward 13: Candidates Adam Faitek and Linea Palmisano

Questionnaires from Ward 13 candidates

Minneapolis Ward Map

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