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#NorthsideVotes: Election Day Canvassing

November 05

NOC canvassers give

hundreds of hours to Get Out The Vote efforts on the Northside. To ensure that are voices are heard in

the voting process, dozens of volunteers fill shifts for door knocking the streets of our community.



July 16

Crowd grew past 3,500 and marched peacefully but with determination--and volume--through the streets of downtown Minneapolis to demand justice.

Thousands have taken the streets in protest of the Trayvon Martin verdict. The march represents the all of the emotions that the our community feels as a result of our deeply flawed judicial system.

Earlier in the day, hundreds stood in 90 degree heat to voice their frustration and channel the energy into organizing for community change. New voters were registered, folks signed petitions and commitment forms and all were interested in mobilizing for political action. 


The Verdict is in - Hoodies Up for Trayvon.

July 15

As most of you know, George Zimmerman has been found not guilty for murder of Trayvon Martin by a mostly white jury. It's yet another reminder that our judicial system is in a state of profound disfunction. Trayvon's death is a symptom of a national illness that allows for the targeting of young black men. Though his death and trial took place in Florida, we know that the outcome is a blow to justice everywhere. An injustice to one is an injustice to all.

Please click here to RSVP here and spread the word!

We will not stand idly by in the face of this assault. We've began a plan to mobilize our community into action. Join us tomorrow at 6pm at the Hennepin County Government Center. Come to express your sorrow, your rage, and your continuing demand for justice for Trayvon, Terrance Franklin and all of the youth who have been unjustly targeted in America. 

Over 1400 people have already signed up today.

No justice, No peace.


Arts Block Party

July 02

Party goers in front of the freshly painted muralAfter receiving a grant from the Minnesota Humanities Center, NOC launched its first ever youth arts program this summer. The program, called It’s Your Neighborhood: Change It Up! was designed for youth ages 12 through 18. The program utilized what is called a story circle format, which meant that at the beginning of each session the group of participants would be asked a specific question, after which participants would then pair off and tell their stories to a partner. This activity served to ground youth in the space and also served to create a sense of group cohesion. Each day, after the story circle, the youth would then meet with a different local artist who would lead a workshop related to the artist’s specific medium. The workshop would also relate to the question of the day.

The program was initially designed to last three weeks, but it was shortened to just two weeks. Instead of using the usual format for the third week, during the last week NOC partnered with EMERGE’s StreetWerks team. NOC’s facilitators, Junauda Petrus and Tyrone Raino, led one class with EMERGE’s youth on the life and history of Assata Shakur and a second, smaller class with the youth on photography and mural making as they both related to the realities of the Northside.


Art Workshops for Teens at NOC

May 30



Let's Fix It - Conversation for Parents on Discipline in Schools

May 24


Rose McGee Victory

May 14
BREAKING: Rose Mcgee has won a settlement from Fannie Mae that will keep her in her home! The settlement comes after a year long campaign that inspired thousands around the county and was the impetus for the Homeowner Bill of Rights which has just days left to be heard this session. Join us at the capitol tomorrow at 11am to celebrate Rose's victory and demand that legislators pass strong legislation to protect thousands of other Minnesotans in danger of losing their homes!

NOC Spring Training and Organizing

May 10

Spring is here and with it NOC is introducing a series of fresh organizer trainings to help build community power. Please join us for our weekly Leadership Development and Organizing Meetings, every Saturday from 10am to 12pm at our North Minneapolis office located at 911 West Broadway Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411. Come for our FREE trainings and learn the tools to make us a powerful member led organization. Put the skills you are learning in to use in the second part of the meeting at breakouts for NOC working groups.The current schedule of trainings is posted below. To stay updated on events and trainings please check out our website and Facebook page regularly. Like us on Facebook and we hope to see you soon! 

These trainings are free and open to everyone. Please support our effort to build community power by making a $10 donation here.  

Proposed Training Schedule:

May 11th: Power and Self Interest in Organizing

May 18th: 11am-2pm Locked Up, Locked Out (NOTE: TIME CHANGE FOR THIS MEETING)

May 25th: (Breakout Trainings): One on Ones -or- Facilitation 

June 1st: Organizing, Activism, Social Service, Mobilization

June 8th (breakout trainings): 3 Faces of power -or- Intuition & Spirituality 

June 15th: the civil rights movement

June 22nd: the woman’s movement

June 29th (breakout trainings): Legislative equity advocacy training Salvador -or- Introduction to Racial justice, defining racism

July 6th: The Farm Workers Movement

Note, trainings are subject to change. Check in on the NOC website and Facebook page for updates.


New Committees for Change

April 30

What does being member led look like? Come find out this Saturday, May 4th at 10am at the MN NOC listening and planning meeting.

It looks like this: members getting active in committees, empowering themselves to chose trainings, grow the organization and plan events. 


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