Our Time Counts: New Report Outlines Crisis Facing Minneapolis Hourly Workers

A new report, available here, compiled from over 500 surveys collected in north Minneapolis by Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, highlights the crisis facing Minneapolis hourly workers.

The report shows that many hourly workers, especially workers of color, have unpredictable schedules that vary from week to week, leaving them struggling to plan their lives and pay their bills:
  • Over half (55%) reported that they receive their schedules a week or less in advance. In fact, 17 percent of hourly workers stated that they found out their work schedule with less than 24 hours’ notice. 
  • One quarter of hourly workers reported that unpredictable schedules made it difficult to go to school or get a second job because of the volatility in their work hours. 
  • And this last minute notice of work schedules is made all the more challenging when the schedules changes each week - 68 percent reported that their work schedules changes week to week.
  • Among employees who receive a week of advanced notice of their schedules, 70 percent reported that they had to have open availability - and be available to work any time - day or night - the business is in operation.
  • 60% receive no paid sick time. An additional 9% did not not know whether they receive paid sick time. Only 22% had used a day of sick time and had been paid for it.

The report is available at http://bit.ly/OurTimeCounts.

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