Power to the People!

Today, NOC leaders and organizers are holding it down in Washington, D.C. with National Peoples' Action, demanding a fair share for everyone in our economy and an end to the deportations that are tearing our families apart.  A brief field report from NOC member Claire Bergren:

"Things I did today:

  • Ran a 500 person action against GE, one of the worst corporate tax dodgers in the country (they've paid no taxes since 2008).
  • Stood with 1,000+ people in front of the White House to demand that Obama stop all deportations of our brothers and sisters NOW.
  • Stood in solidarity with 13 amazing activists, half of whom are undocumented, as they took arrests as an act of civil disobedience against Obama's record deportations.
  • Marshaled our entire 1,500 person march to take over two intersections on Pennsylvania Ave. to let the National Restaurant Association know that workers cannot live on $7.25/hr.

Today was a good day! Power to the people, always."

Yeah Claire! A good day indeed!



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