Rising Tide Training: Organizing for Power

July 6 – 26th, Minneapolis


We are in a movement moment like never before seen in the last two generations. Occupy, Black Lives Matter, immigration and many other grassroots movements exist alongside savvy and sophisticated community, political and labor organizations that are winning issue-based and political campaigns.

Despite these efforts, corporate power and structural racism are difficult enemies to vanquish without millions of people in the streets, disrupting the power structure and business as usual.

We want to help talented, radical organizers be able to do the work they think is critical, but not necessarily to create new organizations in a traditional way.  The organizations we want to build could be temporary, engaged in movement support, or just vehicles to get make sure a few folks can eat and be organizing on the streets.  

Most importantly, we will try to train people to enhance their skills in fundraising, base-building and getting to scale, Nonviolent Direct Action and working with allies and external folks.  

Minneapolis Training:

The Minneapolis Rising Tide: Organizing for Power Training will take place July 6 - 26th. It will be hosted by Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) and co-sponsored by MN350 and the Rising Tide Collective. It has the following  goals:

  • Building a network of People of Color Organizers.  Some recruitment of organizers who are interested in building new or strengthening their own organizations as well as working for NOC or other people of color-led organizers.

  • Train a number of climate justice organizers with environmental justice and climate-focused groups.

  • Establish ongoing mentorship for these organizers as they work on campaigns and/or build a range of organizational forms, some as staff at existing organizations, some new and experimental.

Training Logistics:

  • Trainees will be paid a stipend of $600 a week ($1800 for the three week training).

  • Trainees will be expected to train and work full time July 6 – 26, based out of the MN NOC office.

  • The work will include field work in membership development, canvassing and other fundraising.

  • About 15 trainees will be accepted based on applications.

Here are some basic skills we want to teach:  

We want folks to experience, in teams, organizing that involves membership recruitment, a planning meeting and a big meeting or an action they are building up to.

  • Door-knocking/One-on-Ones
  • Canvassing for money
  • Second Visits
  • Making meetings happen including
    • Turnout
    • Agenda Prep
    • Putting together an organizing meeting
    • Putting together a community meeting


  • In addition to canvassing
  • Setting up major/minor donor meetings
  • How foundations work
  • Allies


  • Thinking through an action
  • Action Prep and roles
  • Debrief

Other Skills

  • Campaign planning and strategy
  • Press Media
  • On-line presence

Other Conversations

  • Building power
  • Minnesota scene and plans together
  • Intersectional work
  • Theory of change
  • Labor organizing

Send completed applications to risingtidemn@gmail.com by June 19. Application forms can be found here. With any questions email mike@mnnoc.org or kevin@mn350.org.

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  • commented 2015-06-17 13:39:15 -0500
    I’m also ingested in this training as it is aimed to motivate people of color,to do something positive for Thier community. But I’m concerned about having to leave my job as well is there no other format. So those who talk want to participate could do so
  • commented 2015-06-09 13:39:56 -0500
    what happens afterwards? This is definitely something I am interested in however it would require me to leave my current job and I am concerned about my financial obligations after the training. please advise.

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