"I had to work 13-hour overnight shifts by myself": Saqueliah's story

When I was working at SuperAmerica, I had to work 13-hour overnight shifts by myself. I often worked alone in the SuperAmerica from 7 pm to 8 am and couldn't even take a bathroom break without locking up the whole gas station--but I needed the money so I took whatever shifts I could get. My schedule was only posted a week in advance. I had to work severe "clopens"--opening the store in the morning and then coming back for an overnight later that day.

When my mother had surgery, SuperAmerica wouldn't give me any time off to go see her, so I quit. Now I'm working at Target, where I earn $9/hour. It's not enough to make ends meet, but I couldn't stay at SuperAmerica. I'm fighting for all workers to have the right to a living wage, a fair schedule, and earned sick and safe time.


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