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  • Monday, December 05, 2016 at 06:30 PM · 115 rsvps
    Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis, MN

    A Post Election Path to Climate Justice

    This is an post-election emergency response climate justice meeting - please come and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. We need all hands on deck to protect our climate and communities.

    November 8th was a scary day for our communities and our climate. Our future president is a climate denier, as are many other elected federal and state representatives. Now, more than ever, we must build relationships across movements and rural-urban divides to realize a just transition to a renewable energy economy. Please join us to discuss what's at stake in Minnesota and to determine how we'll collaborate to advance clean energy under a Trump presidency.  

    At the meeting we'll have time to get to know one another and process what this past election cycle means for the climate movement. We will learn about the new legislative landscape in Minnesota and about what challenges and opportunities that presents for our key climate justice fights. And we'll also talk about exciting new strategies we can employ to make sure we continue to advance a clean energy future in Minnesota.

    Co-hosted by MN350, TakeAction Minnesota, NOC, ISAIAH, MNIPL, Community Power, MPIRG, Sierra Club, and Climate Generation.

  • Tuesday, December 06, 2016 at 06:00 PM · 2 rsvps

    FAFSA Completion Workshop

    Our education committee and Patrick Henry High School are partnering for a FAFSA completion workshop. Students applying for college can fill out a financial aid application for free and get one-on-one help. For more info, see the flyer below:

    FAFSA completion workshop

  • Wednesday, December 07, 2016 at 07:30 PM · 21 rsvps

    From Occupy to Trump: Five Years of Resistance

    As we mark the five-year anniversary of the Occupy movement, sparking a new chapter in social movements in our country's history, we also mark the election of Donald Trump and mass resistance to his extremist white nationalist, misogynist, and Islamophobic agenda. Join us for a panel discussion on the surge of social movements over the last five years, from Occupy to Black Lives Matter to Standing Rock and beyond. We'll reflect on the past five years in a historical context and discuss where we're going from here as Trump prepares to take office. This panel will be moderated by Tom Weber of MPR News.

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