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  • Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 03:00 PM · 1 rsvp
    Minneapolis City Hall in Minneapolis, MN

    Public Hearing: $15 for Minneapolis

    After years of protests, strikes, and community organizing across the city, 71,000 workers are on the verge of winning a historic victory: a $15/hour minimum wage in Minneapolis.

    $15/hr would give a raise to 71,000 workers, disproportionately workers of color, immigrant and female workers. The city of Minneapolis' economic impact study confirms that $15 would give massive stimulus to the local economy and help reduce food insecurity. 

    On June 22, city council is holding a public hearing on the $15 minimum wage. Anyone can testify. We know that big business is going to be there fighting to block $15 and water it down with loopholes and exemptions. We need to be there to tell city council that workers can't afford to wait: we need $15 for all workers, no exemptions, as fast as possible! 

    Join us at 3 to rally before the hearing, or come at 6 for dinner from local restaurants that support $15 and an energy rally! 

    We could win one of the most progressive policies in recent Minneapolis history and be the first city in the Midwest to pass $15/hr. Be there to share your testimony and help workers win $15!

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