Results are in--and we turned out.

The results are in--and our community turned out.

Across Minnesota this year, voter turnout was down 5.5%. But in our neighborhood in north Minneapolis, people turned out. Throughout Ward 5, where the NOC office is located, the number of voters went up 6.5% from 2010. In the two precincts closest to our office, where we engaged voters on the doors, on the streets, and even through hot dog giveaways, 13% more voters turned out than in 2010.

voting because

Community members pledging to vote.

We couldn’t be prouder of our civic engagement team, who knocked on 55,000 doors, pledged 17,000 people to vote, and filled 600 volunteer shifts, beating our goals and our records.


Wintana and Navell doorknocking with NOC member Mayor Betsy Hodges and Police Chief Janeé Harteau.

"It was so great to doorknock with NOC organizers Wintana and Navell along with Chief Harteau in the last days of the election season," said Mayor Betsy Hodges, a NOC member. "Voting is one key way we build community and build safe, strong cities. NOC did great work getting people to the polls." 

2014-11-04 16.03.43

GOTV phone bank, election night.

From the beginning, our civic engagement effort has been about building power in our community. That’s why we pay our canvassers a living wage of $15/hour, prioritize people who live in the neighborhood, and don’t discriminate on criminal history in our hiring--and we're getting real results from investing in our canvassers and our community in a long-term way.

Wintana and Navell on why civic engagement work is so important.

"It's been a pleasure working with NOC. Everybody on the canvass team put in a lot of effort to get the numbers we got, and they'll be even higher next year," said Navell Gordon. "I've made some mistakes in life. I can't vote, I'm not ashamed to say that. But I'm working on fixing that right now so I can vote for my next president." Navell was unjustly arrested for trespassing in September in the course of his voter outreach work.

Now that the election is over, it’s clear to us that we’re just getting started.

Can you pitch in to help us build more power in 2015?

We deeply appreciate all your support. You’ve come out for emergency meetings, rallies at Cub Foods, and countless doorknock and phone bank shifts. We couldn’t have done this without you. #FreeTheVote!


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  • commented 2014-11-08 07:17:07 -0600
    Here’s irony: police frequently complain about the problem of witnesses in the “hood” who refuse to “snitch”, thereby preventing them from apprehending or making a case. The police do the same thing in regards to bad officers, except they don’t call it “I ain’t no snitch”, they call it the “Blue Code of Silence” or the “Blue Wall”. It’s unfortunate, because I truly believe the bad officers are a relatively small minority, but, like the criminal element in our community (which is also a very small minority), they wreak disproportionate havoc.

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