The global games market

As Newzoo indicates, the worldwide games market is developing and is expected to enhance further in the upcoming years. Customer spending on bitcoin games is expected to reach $196.0 billion by 2022, a CAGR of +9.0% between 2018 and 2022. Considering this increase, mobile crypto gambling is presumed to present the most significant rise. Mobile gaming purpose generate revenues of $95.4 billion in 2022 and will shroud more than 40% of the gaming industry until 2022.
Following the evolution of the cryptocurrency sector during recent years, cryptos are extensively used in different markets. One of these markets represents the gaming industry, as games developers integrate cryptocurrencies in their solutions, directed by the adoption of the gamers.
Bitcoin (both mobile and desktop) games tend to get more popular, resolving some of the transaction and fraud issues game developers and players used to encounter and provide certain benefits. Some of these benefits contain the streamlined payments, the authentic ownership for players, the decentralization of payments, secure item trading and cross game compatibility.

Popular Crypto Games

Knights for EOSIO

One on the first mobile blockchain game founded on the EOS platform. In this game, the action of every player is based upon smart contracts. Payers have to contract a knight in order to defend the city from the goblins.  In order to rise the knights’ power, players can trade supplies and items on the market through EOS cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Tycoon

In Bitcoin Tycoon which is a traditional idle simulator game about Bitcoin Mining, players should to grow their cryptocurrency business established on economic simulation. Players may upgrade their money, create skills, spend bitcoin in other currencies, tap to grab their luck as well as create and buy buildings. Clicking on the market icon, we be able to see that they can buying bitcoins.

Crypto Trillionaire

By Tapinator is a simulation game in which one user may unlock a treasure of miners, alt coins, specific boosts and awards. They can construct an empire by purchasing labo for crypto and mining in order to emulate the life of a trillionaire person!

Crypto Idle Miner

Is an idle clicker simulation game where gamers can contract managers to simplify their processes, able to earn cash and mine/sell more than 50 coins and altcoins during a mining adventure. In that way, players can receive the basics of the crypto world and understand the issues of the blockchain industry. In this game, gamers may watch a video in the order to get an airdrop reward of 40.6b WeGold.

Crypto Ballz

By Zapak Games is a cool arcade game where gamers can get different virtual cryptos (e.g Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum) while chill out and fading into satisfaction of creating large chunks of money. In the photo below we might see that players may watch a Rewarded Video in exchange for 50 extra coins.

Free Litecoin

By Bitcoin Aliens is a simulation game, in what place players can claim a little Free Litecoin. Gamers may spin and get rewards or complete a specific mission like answering surveys in order to improve their revenue (Litoshi).

Cryptocurrency Games


Crypto Gaming Scene Market Cap $

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Popular Crypto Games
  • Knights for EOSIO
  • Bitcoin Tycoon
  • Crypto Trillionaire
  • Crypto Idle Miner
  • Crypto Ballz
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